Senin, 23 November 2009

The Power Of Numbers


In Britain, You will seldom see the number 666 on a car licence plate because the number is associated with the devil. Also, you may not find a number thirtheen house in a street, a thirteenth floor in a hotel or thirteeenth row of seats on an aeroplane. Having thirteen guests at a party is very unlucky, and some people think thah traveling on Friday the 13th should be avoided.

People began studying numbers centuries ago, and the practice of assigning meaning o numbers was given the name ‘numerology’. Today are still people who study numbers to try to predict personality. They say every number is releted to a planet, and the numbers in a person’s birthdate connect them to a planet. Like astrology, numbers can perhaps tell us something about the character.

How does it work?

First, write down your birthday-the day. Month and year you were born. The day describes your outer personality, the mounth is your inner self and the year is your future. Where there is more than one figure, add them together to get a figure between 1 and 9.

Ø For example :

26 October 1988

Day = 8

Month = 1

Year = 8

Now find your planets below and the truth about your personality.

1. Sun : Srong, creative, outgoing

2. Moon : Imaginative, sensitive

3. Jupiter : Ambitious, positive

4. Uranus : Inteligent, scientific

5. Mercury : Good communicator, quick thinker

6. Venus : Romantic, passionate

7. Neptune : Impation, good learner

8. Saturn : Kind, understanding

9. Mars : Strong, passionate

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