Kamis, 19 November 2009


Your Ref : The Secretary, The Ajax Electrical Ltd
Our Ref : Order no.4599 Fernhall Drive Redbridge Essex 164 SBN

L Pick Up &Co Ltd
Queen’s Read Oldham
OL42AX, England

Dear Miss Watsons,

We received today the electrical light fittings. We ordered from yoy on 25 May ( order no.4599). Three of the crates reached us in perfect condition, but on unpacking the fourh we found a large number of breakage. As fittings appear to have been carefully packed, it would seem that the breakage have been caused by rough handling transit.
We enclosed a list of the damaged fittings and shall be glad if you will take the matter up with the railway authorities. Replacements will of course needed and we hope you can arrange for these to be sent within the next few days.

Yours Sincerelly,

Miss Watsons,
For the Secretary

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