Kamis, 19 November 2009

How To Make A Decision


Some people are natural decision maker. And they always feel sure about their choises. You find this people in presidential places and corporate boardrooms. If you one of these people, congratulations!. If not, you probably find decision making difficult or even paintful. Here are a few ideas that might help you when it is time to make an important decision.

Ø Take a good care of yourself right now. Eat well, get enough sleep and exercise regularly. When you need to make a decision, you will feel better. If you feel better, you will think more clearly. If you can think clearly, decisions will come more easily.

Ø When it is time to make a decision, you will need to review all the possibilities. Sit down with a pen and some paper, and write all the possible choices you can make.

v For example, you don’t like your job, you might write :

I can keep my job and look for a job at the same time. I can quit my job and look for a new job.

After you finish your list, ‘If’ sentences with the different choices.

v For example above, we might have :

If I keep my job, I won’t have enough time to look for a new job. If I quit my job, I won’t have money.

With your ‘If’ sentences, you will see the problem more clearly.

Ø Before you make a final decision, get some help. Talk with three friends. Tell them your problem, and ask for their advice. If all three friends give you the same advice, the advice is probably good. If some of them give you a different advice, you should probably wait before you make a decision. Do some research. Talk with more people.

Ø Above all, don’t panic! If you stay calm, you’ll probably make the right decision. If you panic \, you might make a decision too quickly, and then you mignt be sorry.

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