Sabtu, 21 November 2009

Do You Believe Your Face Can Tell About Your Character and Personality


It is really possible to tell people’s characters and personalities from their faces? The Chinese certainly think so. Two thousand years ago, the art of reading the face, Mian Xiang, was developed, and today Chinese women still tell their daughters that a man with a flat nose and small ears will be a shy and boring husband.

So how can they tell? Well, they say there are ten different types of faces. For example, a tringular face is a fire-face and a square face is wall-face. All ten types suggest different personalties and characters. But it is not only the shape of the face that is important. The nose, mouth, eyes, chin, and ears all hold extra information about a person.

How does Mian Xiang work? Here are some things to remember. Beautiful faces are not always the best; people with ugly faces may be luckier! People with jade-faces may have had difficult childhoods. This kind of face is diamond-shaped. The late Diana, Princess of wales, hade a jade-face.

Someone who has one eye a little larger than the other may have parents who are divorced, or they may have been unhappy children. A bigger left eye means that the person may be very charming. A bigger right eye suggsests the person might be a jealous type.

If a person’s ears are higher than their eyebrowns, he or she might me famous before the age of 30.

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