Kamis, 19 November 2009


Three Games For Gold

Once upon a time, there was a young man called Jack who lived with his poor mother on a poor farm in a poor valley. One day, his mothe grew tired of Jack laziness and tolg him to go down to the town to get a job. So, she made him some sandwiches and gave him all the money she had left to buy a suit.

“Don’t go into that pub on the way,” she told him as he was leaving. So, Jack went into town to look for a job. After half an hour he passed by the pub. He thought to himself, “Well, a quick drink will do not harm, “ and so he went to the pub. One drink led to another.

He woke up at midnight in a field at the edge of town. He was penniless, and he had the worst hangover he could imagine. Feeling cold and sick, he decided to go home and face his angry mother.

He followed the river though the woods.The forest got thicker and darker and it was difficult for him to see. Suddenly, he heard music coming through the trees. It was sound of a violin. Jack followed the sound until he came to a cave. He slowly and carefully entered the cave, following the sound of the music.

As he entered the cave, Jack saw a fire ahead. On one side, to Jack’s delight, he saw a pile of gold coins. But to Jack’s horror, standing on the other side was the Devil himself, playing the violin.

“Welcome, Jack,”said the Devil. “I’ve been expecting you”. “why?” asked Jack nervously.

“Because all lazy boys end up dancing to my music,” said the Devil, grinning. “Here is my bargain. We will play three games of your choice. If you beat me at any game, this pile of gold coins is yours. If you lose, your soul is mine! Name your game…”.

Jack choose pker. He played well, but the Devil had all the best cards, and Jack soon lost. “You have two games left,” laughed the Devil, “Name your game…”.

This time, Jack choose dice. He played well again, but the Devil kept rolling three sixes, and Jack soon lost. “You have one game left,”laughed the Devil,”Name your game…”.

Jack thought quickly.

“Let’s play a game called copy-cat,” said Jack. ‘You have to copy what I do. If you can’t, you lose’.

‘What can you do that I can’t’? laughed the Devil. Jack smiled. He took off a shoe. He stuck his foot into the pile of gold coins, took out a coin between two toes and held it up to see. The Devil looked down at his hooves. He paused, then laughed.

‘Well done, Jack’, he said quietly. “The gold is yours,”. And with that, the Devil disappeared, leaving Jack with all gold. And that’s how Jack returned home arich man. His mother never believed how he got it!.

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