Senin, 14 Desember 2009

When people think of the British on holiday, most people think of Spain. Cheap trips to the sun with good food and friendly people have been attracting Brits for almost forty years. It is also one of the top destinations for the British to go live in if they device to leave the country.

For those looking for fine food and drinks, France has always been popular. It also has the advantage of being close to the UK. With cheap flights, the Eurostar train and ferries, it is easy to reach. Many people take their cars to France, and camping holidays are popular.

A little further away, but still close enough to drive to, is Italy. The British love affair with the land of lovers began over 200 years ago. By the 1920s, cities like Florence had strong English communities – many even stayed when the Second World War started. In the 1980s, Tuscany became popular again with the Bitish. Many people now have holiday homes there.

Many young British people now spend their holidays in the discos and the nightclubs of place like the Spain island of Ibiza. Ibiza was once a sleepy island, but it is now full of partying Brits.

Cheaper airline tickets have opened up destinations for the British. In the past, Thailand was a destination for young backpackers, but it is now a popular destination for Brits of all ages. Fly-drive holidays to the United States are also common. Speaking the same language certainly helps. This is also true for Australia and South Africa, and both are popular among the British.

So what is the idal destination for the British holiday – maker? Television viewers the Grand Canyon in he US, followed by the Great Barrier Reef off Australia and Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls. It seems that the British love impressive natural features.

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